» Crimped Wire Screen

Wire cloth woven of previously crimped wires provides accurate openings and is woven tighter than plain weave.

Crimped Wire Screen also name Space Screen and Square Mesh in 28 mesh and coarser are typically woven of precrimped wires.

Crimped Wire Mesh is made by stainless steel wire corbon iron wire, galvanized steel wire or corbon iron wire and other alloys.

Weaving Patterns: Weaving after crimping have four types: Double Crimp, Intermediate Crimp, Lock Crimp, Flat Top.

General Use: Screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries. Some galvanized crimped wire mesh and stainless steel crimped wire mesh are for roasting of flour food and meat,Pre-crimped weaves are preferred for vibrating screens and many other applications where sizing is critical.

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